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Michelle Luggi

Finance Manager

Don Gillaspie

Public Works

Talia Baptiste

Events & Recreation Coordinator

Alyssa Brigham

Public Works

This Page is under construction.  Thank you for your patience. 

Don Gillaspie

Public Works

Don Gillaspie

Public Works

Jane Doe

James Doe

Tami Hance (acting)  |  Executive Receptionist

Nicole Setah  |  Chief Administrator

Sherry Westgarde Hepper   |  Executive Administrative Support Lead

Maryanne Boyd  |  Finance Clerk

Michelle Luggi  |  Finance Manager

Alice Johnny  |  Social Development

Lenore Case  |  Education Coordinator

Raena Jack  |  Housing Manager

Marilyn Charleyboy  |  Wellness & Prevention Coordinator

Allyssa Brigham  |  Family Support Worker

Talia Baptiste  |  Recreation & Events Coordinator

Don Gillespie  |  Public Works

Nelson Harry  |  Public Works Technician

Gary Char  |  Public Works Technician

For a detailed Organizational Chart, please click here

“Our land is our food and our medicine.”

Tŝideldel First Nations Community Member

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