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The Tŝideldel First Nation is a vibrant and dynamic community  deeply committed to preserving and passing on its rich cultural heritage to future generations. Today, many members of the community balance the demands of family, work, and school with a strong desire to maintain and celebrate their Tsilhqot'in culture.


The community's Elders recognize the importance of imparting their knowledge and traditions to the youth, and they believe this can be achieved through a greater emphasis on language and culture in schools, spending more time on the land, and attending Cultural Camps. Many community members still enjoy traditional activities such as hunting, fishing, crafting, drumming, singing, and playing Lehal, a traditional game meant to bring people together and lift the spirits. These community members take great pride in passing these skills, games, and traditions down to their children and grandchildren.

Today, we have 38 Elders in the community, of which three teach traditional medicine.


The language of our people is Tsilhqot'in language. For more information on the language, its origins and the dialect, please visit:

We urge our members to stay up-to-date on any announcements through this website, through our Facebook page, as well as any in-person notices.

Tŝideldel Seasons of Health & Wellness

Tsideldel Wellness Wheel

“Education—very important; cultural; camps; hunting camp for people to use; garden—keep growing vegetables.”

Tŝideldel First Nations Community Member

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