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Economic Development

The Tŝideldel First Nation has a rich history of economic development deeply connected to the land. For generations, community members relied on traditional practices such as hunting, fishing, and gathering, and traded goods with neighboring communities, notably with the people of Bella Coola.

In recent years, the community has embarked on several business ventures, while also expressing a strong desire to revive cultural practices that support self-sufficiency and family livelihoods. By reclaiming these traditions and exploring new opportunities for economic growth, Tŝideldel is building a brighter future for its members and the wider community.

Barney's Lakeside Resort.jpg

Barney's Lakeside Resort

A 12-acre lakeside resort, Barney's is located on beautiful Puntzi Lake. The lake is approximately 11km long and 5km wide with over 500’ of lake frontage ,RV, and campground. Cabins range from 1 to 6 bedrooms.  

Go fishing for wild rainbow trout and kokanee (salmon), and there is plenty of wild life viewing. It's a bird watchers paradise  (view our resident nesting pelicans!) There is plenty of opportunity for hiking, mountain biking, ATV, water skiing, swimming, jet skiing, ice fishing, and snowmobiling!

Barney's Lakeside Resort

Redstone Gas Bar

Redstone Gas Bar

Redstone Gas Bar is owned by the Tŝideldel First Nation and managed by TsiDelDel Development Corporation. It is open every Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. and on Saturday and Sunday from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. They regularly update customers of gas prices, holidays and other announcements through their Facebook page:



Box 69

Chilanko Forks BC

V0L 1H0


Bendziny Wellness Resort

The Bendziny Wellness Resort is owned and operated by the Tŝideldel First Nation. In May 2021, the Nation purchased Kokanee Bay Fishing Resort at Puntzi Lake (Bendziny) and reopened as the Bendziny Resort in July 2021 with a grand opening celebration. There are historical sites near Puntzi Lake including the site of the Tsilhqot’in war and burial sites of the Nation’s ancestors surrounding Bendziny.


3904 Puntzi Lake Road,

Chilanko Forks BC

V0L 1H0


Tŝideldel School

Tŝideldel School is one of 130 Band-operated schools in British Columbia. The school provides programming for preschool and Kindergarten to Grade 9 on the main Redstone reserve.  The school is staffed by four teachers, one Head Start coordinator, three education assistants, and a language and culture teacher, in addition to a school Principal. Students above the Grade 9 level transfer to Williams Lake for high school.


Box 106

Chilanko Forks BC

V0L 1H0


Central Chilcotin Rehabilitation Ltd. 

Central Chilcotin Rehabilitation Ltd. is a joint venture company owned by the Tŝideldel First Nation and the Tl’etinqox Government. The focus is to coordinate and implement large scale forestry programs and initiatives within our traditional territories to provide sustained economic opportunities for our communities and to ensure the long-term sustainability of our traditional forest land-base.


4575 Marwick Landing

Williams Lake, BC
V2G 5E8


Redstone Health Clinic

For members of the Tŝideldel First Nation, health and wellness is important. Sound health for both the individual and the community is accomplished by many complex and interconnected actions, and therefore the Nation provides many health, wellness, and community services to its members. The Redstone Health Clinic provides various health services including doctor visits, a community health nurse program, home and community care program, dental and vision care, and a community wellness program.


Box 10

Chilanko Forks BC

V0L 1H0


Tŝideldel Enterprises

The Tŝideldel First Nation is focused on improving the economic and social conditions of the community and working to become more self-reliant. Through the vision of band members and company representatives, in 1992 Tsi Del Del Enterprises Ltd emerged as one of the first logging joint-ventures in the Interior of British Columbia.


Phone: 1-250-392-7802

Fax: 1-250-392-7828

4675 Marwick Landing,

Williams Lake, BC

V2G 5E8

Screen Shot 2024-03-05 at 8.44.08 PM.png

TŝiDelDel Development Corporation

In 1992, we as the Tŝideldel First Nation embarked on a journey to build a diverse portfolio of businesses and joint ventures owned fully or in partnership by the Nation. These enterprises represent our community's resilience, entrepreneurial spirit, and our ability to think big and out of the box. Each business collectively contributes to our success story, and are expertly guided by Tŝideldel Development Corporation (TDC).

The Nation also has business relations with these entities:


Tŝilhqot’in National Government:

Eniyud Community Forest: and

Barney’s Lakeside Resort:

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