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The Tŝideldel First Nation governs itself according to the Indian Act, with six Council members and one Chief. The term of office of the Council is four years. Council meetings occur once per month. While the Chief is on salary, Council members each receive an honorarium. In the past, Chief and Council have held portfolios, such as economic development and health.


Council members meet with the community, on average, every four months to share what the leadership has been working on and to obtain their input on initiatives they are working on. Apart from the Band Membership meetings, the leadership provides information to members through Annual General Meetings, Community Dinners, door-to-door memos, posting information on bulletin boards, posts on Facebook, Community outdoor gatherings, Nation Gatherings, and celebrating Nation accomplishments such as the Title case.

To honour the many members who live in Williams Lake, meetings occur there as well as at Tŝideldel to encourage both on and off-reserve involvement, according to the subject matter.

The most recent Election occurred on August 24, 2023.

Follow us, for updates regarding the next election.

Alexis Creek First Nation Election Code

Newly Elected Chief and Council 2023-2027
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