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About Tŝideldel

Who We Are

We are the Nenqayni Deni, which means "First Nations People," and we are a proud part of the Tŝilhqot'in Nation. Our community, located in Alexis Creek, is about 188 km west of Williams Lake, along Highway 20. Our First Nation reserve land covers an area of 4,362.50 hectares.

The name Tŝideldel means "red stone," with "tŝi" meaning "stone" and "deldel" meaning "red." Our community derives its name from a distinctive outcrop of red rock at the east end of the community. However, some colonial settlers located 16 km east of Tŝideldel, at the confluence of Tsalhanqox (Chilanko and Cheẑqox (upper Chilcotin River), also used the name "Redstone" for their locality, which can cause confusion for visitors. Both, "Tŝi-deldel" and "Tŝideldel" are acceptable spellings for our First Nation.

Our Nation has a population of 702 people, and we are proud to speak the Tsilhqot'in language, which is the language of our people.


At Tŝideldel First Nation, we cherish and celebrate our traditional way of life. Fishing, hunting, and plant gathering are central components of our culture. Our community members fish for salmon and trout and gather berries and medicinal plants in the surrounding rivers, lakes, mountains and traditional areas. These practices have been a part of our way of life for generations and continue to be an essential part of our culture today.


We believe that our connection to the land and natural resources is crucial for our well-being, and we are committed to preserving and passing on this way of life to future generations.

Chief & Council Vision

Tŝideldel First Nation is self-governing, self-determined, and self-reliant, and our members enjoy a high quality of life. The leadership team models integrity and the vision that guides all members and future generations.


Chief & Council Mission

Guided by our traditional knowledge, our mission is to work collaboratively, practice healthy communication, be role models, and be inclusive to engage and unify our membership and advance their interests. Our priorities are defined from within the community and are addressed through creativity, innovation, and sound decision-making. We support ongoing professional, educational, and personal development to enhance our leadership and personal effectiveness.


Chief & Council Values

Integrity: Ethics and ethical conduct that includes honesty, fairness, courage, accountability, being approachable, and being a positive role model.

Respect: Respect for self, each other, and the Earth.

Strength: Leadership strength and conviction to advance community interest.

Traditions and Cultural Knowledge: Incorporate Tsilhqot’in culture into everything (governance, operations, etc.)

Strategic: Education, experience, research and to understand issues and interests, with the ability to lead with innovation and vision.

Healthy lifestyle: Balance, discipline and non-abusive.

Empowering: Provide knowledge and support to people.

More About: Current Chief and Council

Healthy Lifestyle
Traditions and Cultural Knowledge

“In the future generations to come, I envision that the community is not only surviving but thriving. That members are happy and healthy, learning, growing, sharing.”


Tŝideldel First Nations Community Member

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