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Community Bulletin: Middle Lake Fire Salvage Harvesting

The Eniyud Community Forest is gearing up to initiate salvage and rehabilitation efforts within the

aftermath of the Hell Raving Creek Wildfire, starting in Early May.

Given the challenging terrain and limited infrastructure in the valley, the Salvage Harvesting

operation will be cautiously conducted, covering less than 3% of the burnt area. We'll be focusing

our efforts on slopes where safe operations are feasible.

This salvage initiative marks the first step outlined in the Path to Rehabilitation document, which

has been shared with the community and is available on our website. Focused harvesting of dead

fiber remains a guiding principle of the Community Forest, to maximize recovery and minimize the

need for harvesting green timber whenever possible. Acting swiftly to access this dead fiber is

imperative to prevent irrecoverable losses due to drying and decay.

Harvesting activities will persist until completion or until halted due to fire hazards. Log hauling is

scheduled to commence in late May, aligning with road ban restrictions. Our contractors are well-

informed about local traffic considerations and have been reminded to respect the communities

and homesteads in the vicinity.

Planning is already underway for subsequent phases of rehabilitation within the valley. We're

committed to exploring cost-effective options for salvaging fiber while simultaneously planning,

surveying, analyzing, and developing areas for reforestation in the months ahead. These efforts will

be supplemented by applications to federal and provincial funding sources to expedite the

reforestation of the desiccated, burnt landscape.

Maps detailing the proposed harvest areas are available on our website. For those seeking

additional information, we encourage you to utilize the online message forum. We'll be compiling

frequently asked questions to address common queries.

Happy Spring Everyone.

Community Bulletin_Middle Lake_April18
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