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Who we are

We are the Nenqayni Deni, which means "First Nations People," and we are a proud part of the Tŝilhqot'in Nation. The name Tŝideldel means "red stone," with "tŝi" meaning "stone" and "deldel" meaning "red." Our community derives its name from a distinctive outcrop of red rock at the east end of the community.



Tŝideldel First Nation is self-governing, self-determined, and self-reliant, and our members enjoy a high quality of life. The leadership team models integrity and the vision that guides all members and future generations.

Events & Notices


Please read the notice for details
on how to stay safe
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Tŝideldel News & Events

“For the sake of our nation, our culture and traditions, and most all for the sake of our children, we must find our way back. Finding our way back means connecting with ourselves, the land and the teachings around the sacredness of life.”


Tŝideldel First Nations Community

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